Create, Store, Distribute, Share, Collect, Process

Extend the basic printing and data collecting features of IBM i in order to respond to document management needs, always more oriented towards paperless and mobile solutions.

Manage PDF, Excel, Google Spreadsheet documents, integrating applications of the AS400 with Google Apps, Drupal and Mobile applications (iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone).

Use GPL4i as the base of your paperless project to plan events, send and receive requests or gather information from customized forms quickly and efficiently. Process results on your IBM i in real time to make complex work flow systems.

Get projects started in high gear, create PDF, Excel, or Google Spreadsheet documents combing AS400 data with Master template specifically developed with all the creative tools of Adobe (Illustrator, Photoshop, Flsh), Microsoft or Google.
Google Drive, Google Vault, GPL4i DMS-WIndows, GPL4i DMS-WEB, third party document management… Chose the infrastructure that you want (cloud, server farm, on-premises…) and realize your document management project. GPL4i adapts to your needs.
Share GPL4i documents anyway you want. Google Drive, Mail, Fax, Twitter, Skype, SMS, or your own mobile apps and complete your paperless project.
Create PDF and Google forms or Excel and Google Spreadsheets starting from predefined templates. Customize places and messages, distribute with GLP4i, receive results, export in an AS400 database and analyze data.

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