Get projects started in high gear, create PDF, Excel, or Google Spreadsheet documents combing AS400 data with Master template specifically developed with all the creative tools of Adobe (Illustrator, Photoshop, Flsh), Microsoft or Google.

Creation Features

  • Make Pdf documents

    • on IBM i by using local Device

    • on Windows PC by using remote Device

GPL4i makes documents in the same way in the sme way in which an RPG program sends documents to be printed.

Just send the document to a printer on which GPL4i’s specifications have been added and it will take care of creating the document.

This device can be locally or remotely accessed on a Windows Computer.

  • Create the document starting from a PDF model

  • Models created by any writer (Adobe, Illustrator...)

Every page of the PDF is produced from a model PDF made with any design program (Adobe, Illustrator, etc) exploiting all the graphic features that these programs have to offer.

  • Changes in the model

If the layout or graphic design changes, modifying the document creation program or the procedure to convert the file to spool isn’t necessary. Substitute the model with the new version.

  • Create PDFs through API

Through GPL4i its possible to created PDFs through API called from RPG, Cobol, or C programs.

  • Convert Spool to PDF

Spool files can also be transformed to PDFs through a conversion procedure.

  • Automatically associate Spool with conversion

A conversion procedure is assigned to a spool considering its main feautres (name, data, printing queue)

  • Create multiple PDFs from a single Spool file

The conversion procedure consists of identifying control points inside the document to be able to create multiple PDF documents from a single Spool file

  • Check the process through User Exit

  • Add information to the PDF not found in the Spool file

The conversion procedure is controlled by user programs that can add information to the PDF document that are not present in the Spool file.

  • Measure information to be used as user data from Spool files

  • Add user data not present in the Spool file

Meta Data can be assigned to documents in order to store in document management systems.

Meta data can be assigned to the conversion procedure gaining data directly from the Spool file or can be assigned to the document through a user exit.

  • Grouping Spool pages into one page of PDF

Through User Exit it is possible to group the content of more pages into a single page of PDF

  • Create conversion procedures on IBM i with 5250 applications

The conversion procedure is planned completely on IBM with a 5250 program

  • Add images to PDF

    • Size by pixels

    • Size by percentage

In the PDF you can add images linked to a URL; the image can be processed during the PDF production phase after modifying dimensions.
  • Create Barcodes (EANx, UPCx, CODE128x, INTER25, POSNET, LANET, CODABAR, Datamatrix, PDF417)

    • Control bars width

    • Control text position

    • Control start and stop character

    • Checksum management

Barcodes of different types can be inserted into a PDF document. A barcode is produced according to the chosen characteristics.
  • Create QRCODE (extended version)

A QRCODE is created. This feature is only available with GPL4i extended license.

  • Modify PDF field attributes in the model

    • Text color

    • Alignment

    • Font

    • Borders

In the document production phase some graphic features of the PDF field can be overwritten

  • Compress PDF into a .zip file

the document is automatically compressed into a .zip file at the end of document production

  • Protect document through a password

The new document can be protected by a user and a owner password.

  • Protect the document

    • from editing

    • from adding notes

    • from compiling

    • from printing

    • from copy and paste

    • from screenshots

The document can be protected from copying contents, printing, taking screenshots.

  • Assign user data to a PDF document

Meta data can be assigned to the document created in a document management system in order to archive it.

This feature is available for PDF documents created through API.

  • Modify printing properties

The PDF document can be printed using different printing features such as printing front and back, number of copies, and much more.

  • Create Excel documents

It is possible to create an Excel file starting from an existing Excel model.

The data is uploaded in your new Excel document by automatically uploading csv files or by association and position rules.