Share and Distribute

Share GPL4i documents anyway you want. Google Drive, Mail, Fax, Twitter, Skype, SMS, or your own mobile apps and complete your paperless project.

Sharing and Distribution Features

  • Document distribution

    • Email

      • Through preconfigured email accounts

    • Fax

    • Google Drive (saving and sharing)

After producing a GPL4i document, a series of services activate, allowing the document to be distributed.

Distribution happens by sending the document by email. A preconfigured email account or different profiles are used according to the document to be sent.

The document can be sent by fax through WinFax

The document can be uploaded on Drive and automatically shared with anyboey.

  • Display that the document is ready

    • Twitter

    • SMS

    • Skype

Besides sharing a GPL4I document through the 4i Suite you can also send a message through Skype, Twitter, or SMS that that a document has been produced and stored