GPL4i Forms Central

Create PDF and Google forms or Excel and Google Spreadsheets starting from predefined templates. Customize places and messages, distribute with GLP4i, receive results, export in an AS400 database and analyze data.

GPL4i Analysis Features

  • Analyze documents

GPL4i allows you to not only produce a document but analyze it too.

  • Excel

    • Analyze Excel sheets through API

    • Convert Excel sheets to native AS400 files

  • Pdf

    • Analyze PDF Forms through API

    • Convert PDF forms to native AS400 files

  • Google Form

    • Receive Google sheets on IBM i

    • Analyze new registrations on the form in real time

    • Convert Google forms to native AS400 files.


Independent of document type, GPL4i puts a series of API at your disposition to analyze a document.

This makes it possible to read PDF forms, extract user data, and register it on a native AS400 file.

If it is a Google form an RPG program can be activated every time a new form is compiled.