Skype4i integrates Skype and the IBM i (AS4000). Through a command, you can send messages to a Skype user, read a chat, and even use it as a means to send commands to the IBM i system. Through Skype4i you can also transfer files from the IBM i and manage calls.

Skype4i Features

  • Make and hang up calls to skype users, land lines, or cell phones through skype.

  • Send SMS to cell phones or chat messages to skype contacts

  • Register last calls and their length.

  • Read chat messages

  • Add contacts

  • Send files through chat to skype contacts

  • Send chat messages after conversions from Spool to Pdf (GPL4i)

  • Send the document converted from GPL4i to Pdf as an attachment in chat.

  • Manage features through IBM i commands.