Google Apps development

100% Web - Google’s vision for the future of enterprise IT

Google envision the world 100% Web as an ideal state for IT business, where applications are delivered from a shared infrastructure via the Internet and accessed on any browser enabled device. This model is proven to deliver significant improvements in the areas of:

  • Collaboration across the borders of language and location
  • Increased productivity across the board
  • Mobility that just works for everyone
  • Cost efficiency and increased revenue
The explosive growth of cloud computing produces the need to connect your enterprise applications with public clouds and private clouds.

JetLab is Google Apps Official reseller for small and medium companies. Our mission is focused on connecting your business with Google's Cloud Technology. We want to offer small enterprises the possibility to use powerful and high level tools as Google Apps, in order to increase productivity and expand one’s business. This can be accomplished...

As an Official Google Developer, Jet enables companies to exploit Google Technology's potential in order to transform their own company structure. Our developers team will extend the features furnished by Google Apps and it will develop solutions on Google Cloud Platform, App Engine, BigQuery, Cloud Storage and Compute Engine. We are focused on the integration between Google Apps and...

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